Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

What a cute Gingerbread house! It was fun decorating
and of course eating!

Konnley made the tree and helped decorate the house.

Jaden decorated a gingerbread man and helped with the house.

Jacey decorated the other gingerbread man and helped with the house.

Kamryn mostly ate the candy and helped with the house!

Oh! Christmas morning is finally here! No one could open presents until
everyone was awake and had EATEN breakfast! It was such fun torturing
the kids just a little longer! It must of been agony for them waiting for mom
and dad to eat breakfast! Kamryn didn't want to wake up either.

The girls noticed the doll house all set up and ready to play!
They were so excited!

Kamryn was very pleased with her marble set, pet-shop pets and clothes!
It was soooo cute to watch her rip through the presents and squeal when
she opened them.

Jacey will never get bored with her doll house and polly pockets!
She carries the dolls around with her everywhere!

Konnley got plenty of stuff to keep him buisy! A rocket, legos, switch-blade flying thing and
games put a twinkle in his eye!
Jaden got legos, bionicles, army guys and games - he was so excited!

Jill got a weight set (what are you trying to say, yes I know I need to exercise!) iron/steamer, apron, shoes and dress socks.
Kelly got clothes and shoes among other things!!

The family got lots of games, video games, books and a Polar Express Train set!

Happy moments!

So Cute!

The Doll house was the favorite!

Playing with the train set was a blast! The train even lets off smoke (stinks too)!
We read the polar express book and watched the movie. We even got big bells
to ring. This Christmas was so fun! We had fun on the day of Christmas Eve,
we got up early and made goodies for the neighbors. It was fun for the kids to deliver them.
We enjoyed Christmas so much this year! For the first time our shopping was nearly complete before Thanksgiving so we had a nice peaceful month of December! We had a Christmas dinner at our house with the parents and in-laws. And our entire family had a get-together at my
brother Matt's new house in West Kaysville. They have 3 horses too!
Thanks to Santa and everyone for making this Christmas Season so great!
We love all of our family and friends and hope that 2010 is a prosperous year in every way!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Jaden's Baptism

Here is Jaden ready to be baptized. His 8th birthday was in August, but he
was baptized on October 10th after the buisy hunting season was over and after
getting ready for school to start!

Here are Jaden's family that attended the baptism. It was
a very special day and we are very happy for Jaden!

Jaden was confirmed by his Grandpa Duffin!

Uncle Matt was the one to baptize Jaden!
We had a get-together at the house after and ate and played games - it was a great day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We went to the Air Show at Hill Air Force Base and it was spectacular! The kids and I have never been so it was really neat! And tons of people were there!

Konnley had fun taking tons of pictures of the bombers,

parachuters, and stunt planes.

We had fun checking out the cool planes and posing for the camera, well at least Jaden liked posing!

Sorry, Jacey & Jaden, I think you have to be taller to go on that ride!

That is some missile!

Helicoptors rock!

I hope I never see her behind a machine gun again!

Jaden is ready to join the army now..... I don't think so!!

Here is a preview of mass destruction by a big boy with his big toy!

Here is a decent looking house, untouched by the crazy ideas and major destruction that the Tippetts' always seem to start on a perfectly fine home...

The grass is green and lush.......not for long!

Oh and the backyard is average not to much going on....not for long!

It really could use some work so let's get some huge back-hoe and tear it up!!

It took a ton of rocks and fill dirt to get rid of the slope.

Oh I hope they don't have the keys!

Kelly had a great time playing in his back-hoe! The girls and boys took turns too. Kelly had a blast taking out the old patio, stairs and leveling the yard.

Soooo glad to see those old stairs go, they were so ugly!

As you can see the front yard has been destroyed by the dump trucks that unloaded all the rocks and dirt. The sprinkler system was terrible to begin with so we didn't even worry about watering anything - it was all going to go out eventually! Sorry neighbors, we didn't abandon our home I promise!

Kamryn, Jacey and their friend Hayden are inspecting the dirt pile. They all ended up brown and dusty!

Wow! It looks like someone has been using dynamite!

We cut down 28 trees that were either dead or going to die (quaking aspens don't last long). And sad to say a peach tree that was smack in the middle of the yard! Kelly had fun using a chain saw! It was a ton of work and a ton of firewood too!

It has been a buisy year!

Just about done clearing everything that was old and overgrown off! I have a new respect for those that work in landscaping and do their own sprinkler system! Hopefully in the spring we will be finished with curbing, a new fence and grass seed! Wish us luck!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Summer days & Sleeping Beauties

Well, we finally chopped off that long hair! She looks so mature with shorter hair. She will grow it back in not time! It makes summer a lot nicer with short hair and I don't have to hear her wine about it when it is time to brush it!

Just hanging out while it is still nice weather. Kamryn dressed herself today, right down to Jacey's dress shoes! I love it when they play nice together.

The kids got ahold of my camera and took this picture of Kamryn... most of the
other pictures didn't work out. I love pigtails!
Cute little sleeping beauties!! I love the sleeping pictures!